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Castiglione della Pescaia scents and flavors of the Seaand the land of Maremma

Every day is the right one to enjoy the ever-new specialties of the Land and Sea Menus accompanied by the choice of selected wines, all on the Bagno il Faro Terrace on the Sea. Chef Alessio Milani with the variety of his cured and exclusive dishes surprises and gratifies even the most demanding palates. With attention to all the various needs and food preferences, the Chef also offers Menus for Celiacs, Gluten Free, Menus for Vegetarians and Vegans.


by Alessio Milani Chef

Graduated in 2014 with excellent marks and qualification as Professional Chef at the Accademia italiana Chef. Awarded as a Catering Star for 5 consecutive years from 2015 to 2019, he received the coveted recognition of Les Touque Blanches d’Honneur in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the year in which he also receives the position of Professor at the Accademia Italiana Chef in the Italian cooking classes ISO 29990 of MASTGER PASTA & MASTER PIZZA for foreigners.


Today’s Menu. with Sea View

Our staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, is always very attentive to the food needs of each customer. On request we serve Gluten Free Dishes for Celiacs, Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes. A special price is always reserved for children.


Appetizers ☆☆☆☆☆

Anchovies worked on Tropea onions in sweet and sour sauce and lime
€ 9,00
Mussel wedding in white essence
€ 10,00
Mediterranean sea pearls salad *
€ 12,00
Deep-sea octopus dipped in coral sauce *
€ 13,00

Royal Flush of selected raw marine fish from Faro *
€ 19,00
Italian schiaccia bands, salt and rosemary
€ 4,00
Mediterranean bruschetta “indadolata”
€ 5,00
Tricolor of buffalo mozzarella, upper dates and basil
€ 12,00


The First ☆☆☆☆☆

Fresh spaghetti sonata with live clams G
€ 15,00
Shellfish ravioli stuffed with fish, citrus and pistachio fillet *
€ 16,00
Potato dumplings with 5 royal crustaceans *
€ 18,00
Imperial rock with squid ink tagliolini * Min. 2 persone € 50,00
A thousand grains of rice with selected seafood * (Gluten Free) Min. 2 persone € 48,00
For the shellfish in the aquarium the Chef recommends:
Egg noodles in triumph of live lobster Min. 2 persone € 58,00

Risotto in praise of crab and clams (Gluten Free) Min. 2 persone € 52,00


Seconds ☆☆☆☆☆

Selected sirloin of beef with rocket and parmesan petals
€ 18,00
Sword cut in amber crust of potato flakes
€ 14,00
Squid and golden prawn rings in ORGANIC roasted corn flour *
€ 16,00
Local paranza chosen in BIO gilding € 21,00
Citrus fresh tuna tartare with Chef’s emulsion
€ 22,00
Fresh sea bass in sea salt crystals and Sicilian rays
€ 16,00
Queen of the sea baked with tomatoes and olives
€ 15,00
Grilled marine orchestra in aioli sauce * Min. 2 persone € 52,00
You can choose the fish of the day you prefer directly in the Aquarium.


Side Dishes ☆☆☆☆☆

Golden baked potatoes
€ 5,00
Sautéed fresh seasonal vegetables
€ 6,00
Mixed salad
€ 5,00
Carioca of vegetables exalted in apple vinegar
€ 6,00

Chef-proof tiramisu
€ 7,00
Dark contrast and cream ice cream
€ 7,00
Nutella and Mascarpone pizza
€ 10,00
Faro cakes and desserts
€ 6,00


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The secret recipe? Catch of the day and products at zero-kilometer

Bagno Il Faro, renowned location among the Castiglione della Pescaia on the Beach restaurants, offers every day the freshness of the sea with dishes based on local fish of the day and the typical flavors of the area. Take a seat on the terrace overlooking the whole gulf, you can taste the delicious dishes and observe their preparation thanks to the “open kitchen”. Fresh products are rigorously selected daily. All dishes are expressed, cooked and seasoned exclusively with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and accompanied by the fragrances of the “Essenza” White and Red Wine (respectively Vermentino and San Giovese), both BIO, very certified and of their own production.


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What they say about us :

Some of the latest reviews left by our customers.


aprile 2019

A nice surprise! I was recommended this nice little place on the sea of ​​Castiglione, being alone I wanted to try it, and it was a wonderful experience! As an appetizer I took the anchovies worked on Tropea onions, really tasty! And as a first I opted for a specialty, under the advice of the chef, or the potato dumplings with 5 real crustaceans, an explosion of really pleasant sea freshness. My compliments to chef Alessio, I will be back very soon, maybe in company.


aprile 2019

Sin of gluttony, sin of wine! I had occasion to have lunch here with my family. Pleasant and well-kept location. Great service. Highly recommended raw fish, spaghetti with clams (the chef makes it very special) and fried fish which is a little different (but still good) from the usual frying. All accompanied by a white wine. Normal prices.

Moreno Usai

aprile 2019

Easter Monday absolutely passed very well … excellent dishes … excellent service … prices a little high, but you immediately forget how much you spend after eating so well … we had a great time. Recommended for everyone

daniele bagella

6 months ago

Very nice place to eat. Beautiful location (you’re practically on the beach), excellent food and wine. All dishes are excellent and well served. Light and refined. Excellent staff, primarily Alessio Milani who advises you splendidly on the various dishes. Maybe a little expensive, but quality. Recommended

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